Britney Spears tells her mother Lynne to “go f-k yourself” over her apology.

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Britney Spears : After her mother apologised to the pop sensation, Britney Spears told Lynne Spears to “go f-k” herself. gif maker 27

In a sincere Instagram post published on Wednesday, the “Toxic” singer pondered on her years of medical procedures and “mental ward” visits and once again refused her family’s offer of atonement.

“I had to meet with doctors every week for 13 years, bringing up my history, which made it worse!!!” 

Britney began writing her memo. gif maker 28

As for my entire family—including my brother, sister, cousins, aunts, and uncles—and, well, darn it, the entire audience—they were all either stoned or drunk to their asses!!! 

I was the mother f-king Saint who was afraid to move because I knew that if I didn’t cooperate, my father would send me elsewhere… even gif maker 29

Years will “slip by,” the 40-year old “Crossroads” actress said, and her father, Jamie Spears, would still have her locked up.

“Not one mother f-king person spoke out in support of me!!! 

Take your apology, Mom, and f— yourself! 

“, she added. 

I wish you all would burn in hell for messing with my mind, doctors! 

Kiss my mother’s f-king behind, please! ”

One of the keys to happiness is a terrible memory, according to Rita Mae Brown, who is quoted in Britney’s caption.

The singer of “Gimme More” was turned down just days after Lynne publicly pleaded her daughter for mercy and to remove the barrier preventing them from speaking.

“I’m so sorry for your suffering! I’ve been sorry for a long time! 67-year-old Lynne wrote in

“I miss you and adore you so much!” 

“Britney, you know how much I love and miss you deep down,” she concluded. 

I sincerely regret anything and everything that has caused you pain.

The Spears matriarch has been “trying, trying, trying to get in touch” with Britney over the phone and feels “helpless,” leaving her with “no alternative but to resort to social media,” a source close to Lynne exclusively revealed to Page Six at the time.

Nonetheless, a source near Britney brought up that in spite of Lynne’s “adoration,” she is as yet mentioning more than $600,000 in lawful charges from her girl.

Britney has been talking her reality since a Los Angeles judge ended her conservatorship in November 2021, almost five months after the Grammy champ guaranteed in court that Jamie, 70, had sent her to a psychological well-being office despite her desire to the contrary and constrained her to go on visit.

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