How to use bot command in Discord?

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How to use bot command in Discord : Messing around with a team is generally fun. Assuming that you’re an internet gamer, you may be utilizing Skype, Ventrilo, teamspeak and the new age item, Friction to lay out voice talks between partners. Strife is freeware web convention which has practical experience in text, video and sound correspondence between clients in a visit channel. Dealing with a server playing while at the same time partaking in your game is something which can be pretty much as excruciating as “Slack” for gamers. However, did you know, you can add bots in your Discord server to deal with the server as well as to engage everybody. gif maker 2022 11 18T152505.263

How to use bot command in Discord

A Discord bot can give different capabilities going from playing music to sending images. It can likewise help you in administrating your disagreement society when you’re away. You can either utilize an outsider bot or make yourself one by coding it with any programming dialects, for example, Java, Python, C++ and so on. A disagreement server otherwise known as society resembles a gathering yet with additional functionalities that it makes it in excess of a gathering. It plays parts , classes , custom emoticon choice and different choices! The following are a few essential highlights commonly tracked down in all discord bots:

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  • /giphy [search term]: Utilize this order to discover some enlivened GIFs. The initial not many outcomes will show up over your talk box. Click the picture you need and press enter to send it to the discussion channel. On the off chance that you don’t find the right GIF, you can utilize/tenor to look through an alternate help and perhaps get an alternate arrangement of results.
  • /scratch [new nickname]: This order changes your presentation name at it shows up on the server. Enter the moniker you need to supplant your old one with and press Enter.
  • /tts [message]: Dissension is intended to allow clients to bounce into voice talk at whatever point they need, yet not every person has a mouthpiece. This order allows clients to communicate something specific that will be perused resoundingly to everybody in the channel utilizing text to discourse. What’s more, indeed, this has a colossal potential for misuse, so server administrators can switch it off.
  • /tableflip,/unflip, and/shrug: A portion of Dissension’s default orders aren’t really viable, as they are entertaining. The/tableflip order will glue the (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ emoticon in the channel. The/unflip order will share ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ), and/shrug will put ¯_(ツ)_/¯ in the channel.

These are a couple of essential supportive orders, however if you’re running your own server or have any desire to have a great time, you can add bots to your server. Bots can join your direct and sit in the client list until you approach them with slice orders. To exhibit how to utilize bots, we’ll take a gander at one truly strong bot called Dyno. Dyno is intended to assist with server control, declarations, updates, and it could in fact perform Google searches or track down music on YouTube.

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To begin with, you’ll have to welcome the Dyno bot to your server. That’s what to do, make a beeline for this connection and snap Welcome Dyno at the upper left corner of the screen. gif maker 2022 11 18T152931.460

You’ll have to sign in, in the event that you’re not currently endorsed in through your program. gif maker 2022 11 18T152947.182

Then, you’ll see a screen like the one underneath. To begin with, pick which server you need to welcome your bot to. Then, you can support or deny consents you need to provide for the bot on this server. You can boycott bots later on the off chance that they break or you find they’re malignant, but on the other hand it’s smart to just give significant authorizations to bots you confide in any case. At the point when you’re finished, look down and snap Approve. gif maker 2022 11 18T153003.168

At last, Disunity will request that you affirm that you are not a robot yourself. Since bots utilizing bots would be really boorish. gif maker 2022 11 18T153024.165

Not long after you welcome your bot, you’ll receive a message like this one letting you know how to utilize it. Of course, Dyno utilizes ? to begin orders rather than a/(probably to stay away from clashes with different bots or orders) however you can change by going to Dyno’s site, clicking your server in the drop down menu at the upper right corner, and evolving “Order prefix.” gif maker 2022 11 18T153038.975

Now that your Dyno bot is set up, here are a few helpful orders to use with it:

  • ?boycott [user] [limit] [reason]: This order allows mediators to prohibit clients from the server. Alternatively, you can set the boycott to lapse after a specific time limit. They will get a message with anything you put in the last [reason] contention.
  • ?softban [user] [reason]: This order will boycott and quickly unban a client. This cleans out the entirety of their messages off of a server, as well as giving them a quick kick in the jeans in the event that they need it. However if you would rather not dispose of each and every message they’ve at any point sent, you ought to consider a coordinated normal boycott or a kick all things considered.
  • ?kick [user] [reason]: This removes a client from the server. Dissimilar to a boycott, a client can return right to the channel right away in the event that they get another welcome.
  • ?quiet [user] [minutes] [reason]: This quiets a client so they can’t talk. Add a period breaking point to make the quiet lapse. You can likewise eliminate the quiet with the ?unmute order.
  • addrole [name] [hex color] [hoist]: Disunity utilizes a component called jobs to recognize gatherings of clients from each other. A few jobs can be mediators or have exceptional consents, while different jobs are just used to distinguish two gatherings of customary clients (like Overwatch versus Paladins players, or Made up for lost time versus Making up for lost time in a Round of High positions conversation server). This order allows you to make new jobs on your server.
  • ?delrole [role name]: This order allows you to eliminate a job from your server, and plays this job away from each and every individual who had it.
  • ?job [user] [role name]: This allows you to dole out a job to a specific client.
  • ?play [url]: This order allows you to add melodies to a playlist that you’ll hear while in a voice channel. Each new ?play order will add that tune to your playlist. You can add direct connections to YouTube recordings or you can look for a term and Dyno will consequently pick a tune to add to your line.
  • ?line list: This will show you which tunes are at present in your music line.
  • ?google [search string]: Enter this order in addition to a hunt string and Dyno will share a connection to the primary outcome on Google. Trust you’re feeling fortunate.

These are only a couple of the most helpful orders, however you can look at Dyno’s other’s orders here. There are a great deal of truly incredible assets for dealing with your server, or having a good time regardless of whether you’re a customary client.

You can add however many bots as you need to your server to continue to add new orders, also. To find new bots, you can look at locales like or The two destinations have registries of lots of specific bots. For instance, there’s a bot to deal with your Trello sheets, gain admittance to your Overwatch details, or search melodies on Spotify. A portion of the bots might be trash or joke bots, yet there are a lot of valuable ones out there. On the off chance that you can’t find the apparatuses you want between Friction’s underlying orders and broadly useful bots like Dyno, search for additional bots to add to your server to do what you really want.

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