Kelsey Grammer explains how `Frasier’ revival honors Kirstie Alley: ‘I certainly cherished her’

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Kelsey Grammer explains how `Frasier’ revival honors Kirstie Alley:

Kelsey Grammer is honoring his late “Cheers” co-supermegacelebrity Kirstie Alley.

The actors regarded collectively in six seasons of the famous NBC sitcom as psychiatrist Frasier Crane and bar supervisor Rebecca Howe. Alley, who earned an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her overall performance, died of colon most cancers remaining December at 71.

Rebecca in no way regarded withinside the “Cheers” spinoff “Frasier,” which ran from 1993 to 2004 and is being revived on Paramount+ later this year. But Grammer, 67, says Alley`s spirit continues to be very a lot part of the display’s new version.

Kelsey Grammer Kirstie Alley
Kelsey Grammer Kirstie Alley

“When Kirstie died, I become quite dissatisfied approximately it due to the fact I virtually cherished her,” Grammer tells USA TODAY. “She become a surprising person (and gave) a terrific overall performance in ‘Cheers.’ She become remarkable – I mean, the stuff she should pull off. So I did say to the writers of this incarnation of ‘Frasier,’ I said, ‘If we discover a person that may do what Kirstie Alley did in ‘Cheers,’ we can be a completely fortunate organization of people.’ So it’s miles withinside the returned of our minds.”

Alley joined “Cheers” in its 6th season, changing authentic forged member Shelley Long, who left the display.

Kelsey Grammer Kirstie Alley
Kelsey Grammer Kirstie Alley

“They delivered on this new girl, Kirstie, and she or he lit up the room,” Grammer recalls. “There become one ‘Cheers’ episode (in Season eleven) in which Frasier and Rebecca ended up in mattress collectively, which become virtually humorous. I simply cherished her.”

“Frasier” become nevertheless a scores phenomenon while it went off the air, drawing extra than 25 million visitors for its collection finale, in step with Nielsen. Grammer says there become “a quick discussion” on the time of doing every other season or two, however due in element to contractual problems with the display’s writers, “all of us had determined it become time to roll ‘Frasier’ over and we have been finished with it. And I said, ‘OK, terrific, that is fine.’ It’s all I ever wanted – eleven seasons become an ideal number, due to the fact ‘Cheers’ had eleven seasons. That’s in which that got here from.”

But a slew of TV reboots, which includes ABC’s “Roseanne” revival in 2018, proved that traditional characters should nevertheless resonate with cutting-edge audiences.

Kelsey Grammer Kirstie Alley

“That made me think, ‘Well, maybe ‘Frasier’ does have every other television (life),’ ” Grammer says. “There’s constantly room for humorous and ‘Frasier’ is humorous.”

Grammer has defined the revival as Frasier Crane’s “fourth act.” After leaving Seattle for Chicago withinside the “Frasier” collection finale, the person is now returned in Boston, in which “Cheers” become set. Original forged contributors which include David Hyde Pierce, who performed Frasier’s brother Niles, are not returning for the sequel collection. So instead, the display will introduce new characters which includes Alan Cornwall (Nicholas Lyndhurst), a college professor and Frasier’s university pal.

Frasier “in no way virtually had a terrific pal that we realize approximately, so we are exploring that during this incarnation,” Grammer says. “His leader courting become virtually together along with his brother withinside the preceding display, and Niles isn’t always going to be a part of it. So I’m very enthusiastic about the concept that he sincerely has an equal: someone who is his pal.”

Before “Frasier” returns, Grammer may be visible as pastor Chuck Smith in faith-primarily based totally drama “Jesus Revolution” (in theaters Feb. 24). Check out USA TODAY’s complete interview with Grammer approximately the movie subsequent week.

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