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Open AI developed the auto-generative AI chatbot system known as Chat GPT for online customer support. It is a pre-trained generative chat that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to process language.

In a wide range of styles, subjects, and languages, you can create texts that are well-organized and coherent using GPT. Additionally, stories, product descriptions, and news summaries can be produced.

Large data sets can be analyzed and useful information extracted from them thanks to chat GPT.

Reports, e-mails, and other content for productivity applications can be created using GPT.

It can be used to create appealing social media posts and messages.

It is a generative language model that can produce high-quality content for a variety of tasks after being trained on a large number of texts.

It is a text-based image generation model that can use natural language descriptions to create realistic images.

It has significantly more processing power and performance than GPT, making it an even more advanced generative language model.

OpenAI has created a variety of language models, some of which can be seen here. Through its research and publications, the company has created a significant number of additional models and has made a significant contribution to the advancement of AI.