The Love Story Of Taylor Lautner And Tay Dome Will Now Be Your Life - Bolly24*7 The Love Story Of Taylor Lautner And Tay Dome Will Now Be Your Life - Bolly24*7

The ideal love scenario emerges from Taylor Lautner Squared.

Like his iconic Twilight persona, the lovable werewolf Jacob Black, Taylor Lautner and Tay Lautner Dome pretty much imprinted on each other from the moment they met in 2018.

After more than five years, Taylor, who turned 31 on February 11, and the 25-year-old registered nurse tied the knot in a private ceremony in November of last year, they are now happily married.

The couple officially became Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Lautner a few months ago, and now they are starting their first project together as husband and wife.

Tay expressed her support for her spouse by writing, "So so proud of you angel" in the comments section of Taylor's Instagram post about his journey with body dysmorphia.

The Squeeze will focus on having open talks about mental health, which Taylor and Tay, who started the non-profit Lemons by Tay, are passionate about.

Tay thanked her "amazing husband" Taylor for "believing in my crazy dreams" on Instagram after the first two episodes were released, she wrote. "So proud of you," Taylor said.

On Halloween, Taylor Lautner and Tay Dome made their relationship official on Instagram by posting a picture of the couple dressed as Space Jam's Tune Squad members.

July 2022: Tay made a loca confession about her Twilight allegiance in the infamous Edward vs. Jacob debate while participating in the social media challenge "show your childhood crush and the person you ended up with."