Travis Kelce, Chiefs TE, On Winning His Second Super Bowl. - Bolly24*7 Travis Kelce, Chiefs TE, On Winning His Second Super Bowl. - Bolly24*7

Travis Kelce is reflecting on the enormity of the moment he won his second Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, which he described as "the happiest year of my life."

The first was excellent. Kelce considered getting two to be career-defining.

"There's one thing about getting your first one, and it's a whole other feeling to get two," Kelce said after the game, frequently shedding a tear or two while speaking at the podium. More than any game in my life, I desired this one.

When Kelce and his family, including mother Donna, came into the national spotlight over the past two weeks, the afterglow that followed Super Bowl LVII was especially moving.

As he has been for the past 12 seasons, brother Jason Kelce was in some ways the backbone of the Eagles' offense in 2022. Travis has established himself as the game's best tight end.

In the buildup to Super Bowl LVII, the Kelces have been front and center for the past two weeks.

The Eagles changed their coverage and didn't let Travis get a catch until the third quarter, after a strong start in which he gained 60 yards and scored the Chiefs' first touchdown in the first quarter.

Travis only caught three passes in the second half, but he made a big play on the first TD drive of the second half and caught six passes for 81 yards and a touchdown.

The Chiefs were 24-14 down at halftime, and Mahomes was limping due to an injured ankle he had aggravated late in the second quarter. During halftime, Kelce stated that the message to the Chiefs was straightforward.